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Barbados Flag- The Sign of Independent Identity

Barbados Flag- The Sign of Independent Identity

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The present official National Flag of Barbados was adopted on the event of the first independence of the island on the 30 November 1966. The design of the Barbados flag was conceptualized by Grantley W Prescod. He developed the design in the open competition organized by the Government of the independent island. He received the gold medal for his brilliance of presenting the entire theme through a simple but significant design, beating the 1029 other competitors.

Composition of the Barbados Flag

The Barbados flag is divided into three equally divided vertical triband panels bearing the color combination of ultramarine on either side with a golden panel in the middle. While the panel is divided in the ratio of 2:1, the entire breadth and length of the flag has a proportion of 2:3. The golden vertical panel of the flag also has a broken trident head of black color in the center.

Three Vertical Panels

The two ultramarine panels describe the ocean water and the sky separated that is separated by the island, which is represented by the golden color in the middle. The golden color has been added to symbolize the sand on the shores of the island of Barbados.

Broken Black Trident

The design of the black broken trident is adopted from the colonial badge of Barbados where Britannia is shown holding the trident. The broken lower shaft of the trident represents the independence and the separation from the British colony status. The three points of the trident describe the eminence of democracy in the country stating that the Government of Barbados is-

Of the people
For the people
By the people

The design of the trident is similar to that of the one held by Neptune, the mythological god of the sea. The Barbados flag is always flown with the three points of the trident in the upright position, placing the democracy of the country in the supreme position.

History of the Barbados Flag  

Before the adoption of the present official flag design, the island of Barbados had several other flag designs at different points of time. During the pre-independence period, the flag has been changed for three times. The original design (until 1885) that came into enforcement with the establishment of the British colony in the island was identical to the British flag.

During the post 1885, the flag contained the design of the British flag reduced to 1/4th of the entire area that contained the symbol of the seal of the colony. This design continued to exist until the 1958 i.e. before the phase of independence movement. From 1958-66 the symbol of the seal of the colony was replaced by the design on the colonial badge and the rest was maintained the same as the previous flag.

Flag Display Guidelines in Barbados

The official Barbados flag is flown everyday from 6 am to 6 pm on all Public Buildings in the island. In addition to these government offices, schools and other important places of business are also allowed to flow the flag until 6 pm only. After 6 pm, the flags are only flown inside the building. The government mourning is represented by exhibiting the flag at half-mast.