About Us

About Us

Looking for an efficient networking platform with the best real estate deals online?

Let WI RnR give you ALL that … and more!

Welcome to WI RnR, Barbados’ leading real estate platform online and the Caribbean’s premier real estate marketplace for real-time real estate information and premium real estate solutions. WI RnR is a structured platform created for all real estate stakeholders and enthusiasts across the globe. We provide a marketplace where regional and international buyers can view and close local real estate deals in choice areas within Barbados. We also provide customers with credible, timely and resourceful information to help them get best value for their real estate investment.

At WI RnR, we also provide a huge and highly effective marketing and advertising platform for real estate agents, homeowners, landlords, renters, sellers and property managers looking to attract buyers and investors for their real estate deals. Bask in the warmth of maximum exposure on a global platform on WI RnR; we showcase their properties using our cutting-edge marketing tools and creative advertising solutions and help them increase their clientele base.

We are the hotspot for the latest real estate buzz and the information hub for all the best real estate deals in Barbados; we know how to source and get real estate information and we get firsthand access to crazy deals before they are made available to the general public. We are connected to the pulse of Barbados real estate and we understand the purchase trends of international real estate consumers; don’t settle for outdated websites we are the best real estate and rental outlet!

Our easy-to-use property listing features help enhance viewers’ online experience and transform the way customers make home-related decisions and connect with professionals. We also provide sellers and renters with the tools that make business life easier. Our platform has added features like Google map and virtual tour (property videos can be uploaded online for prospective buyers) to make property viewing and information sharing easier, better and faster.

We are constantly working to bridge the information and communication gap between sellers and buyers to ensure that all parties save time, cost, and resources in every transaction. We are passionate about all our customers and are constantly working to provide them with the best value for their time and investments.

We are dedicated to giving back to the community; we do this by providing maximum exposure for community outreach programs, charities and other forms of public aid. This is an important part of our business and brand.

We only charge commission fees for the services we provide; we do not demand charges or percentages on successful rental or sale of any property on WI RnR.

PLEASE NOTE that all details provided are supplied by the realtors and property owners of the properties listed. WI RnR.com is NOT involved in the sale or rental process of any properties listed on the site.

WI RnR – Connecting you to today’s properties for your home tomorrow!